The EU-Mercosur Deal: A Setback for Ethical Animal Welfare

The EU-Mercosur Deal: A Setback for Ethical Animal Welfare

As an artisan butcher shop that sources only ethically raised animals, we are deeply disappointed by the European Commission's decision to shelve plans for improving animal welfare standards. This decision is a betrayal of the EU's commitment to animal welfare and a step backwards for ethical farming practices.

The proposed laws would have made significant improvements to the lives of farm animals, including phasing out cages and banning fast-growing breeds for chickens. They would have also required corporations to disclose animal welfare information to consumers, giving them the power to make informed choices about the food they buy.

The EU-Mercosur trade deal, which is reportedly the reason for the shelved animal welfare proposals, is a prime example of how trade agreements can undermine ethical farming practices. The deal would allow for the import of meat from countries with lower animal welfare standards than the EU, putting pressure on EU farmers to lower their standards in order to compete.

This is a race to the bottom for animal welfare, and it is unacceptable. We urge the European Commission to reconsider its decision and to prioritize the welfare of animals over trade deals.

We also urge consumers to support artisan butchers like us who source only ethically raised animals. By making informed choices about the food you buy, you can make a real difference in the lives of farm animals.

Here are some things to look for when buying meat:

  • Source: Ask where the meat came from and how the animals were raised.
  • Labeling: Look for labels that indicate the meat was raised ethically, such as "certified organic" or "grass-fed."
  • Price: Ethically raised meat is often more expensive than conventionally raised meat, but it is worth the investment.

By buying ethically raised meat, you are supporting farmers who are committed to providing their animals with a good life. You are also sending a message to the food industry that animal welfare is important to you.

Together, we can make a difference for farm animals.

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